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If you are using a PSO2 body
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I am not sure that's what folks were thinking, at least PSO2 Meseta it is not exactly what I thought. I thought they'd run as separate games, so to switch you would need to depart out one and launch another. This means I do not need to do so, and also suggests that NGS is much more integrated with PSO2 than I thought originally, especially with communication being allowed between the matches. It had been largely why I felt it was a bit hard to describe to folks who ask,"is it worth playing because New Genesis is going to replace it?" Since I was always under the belief that New Genesis was going to wind up connected in a way (but like PSO2es and IDOLA Phantasy Star Saga are) the content and games actually co-exist with one another.

The simple fact that it's described to be as straightforward as a block change definitely seems to create the sign that New Genesis is likely going to be significantly more substantial than how PSO2es was treated and whether or not it carries on the upcoming content of the match I am excited to at least know that players that now enjoy what there is (or are interested in being familiar with everything there is) are not suddenly made to drop everything because it doesn't look like the original game is perishing or being shutdown at any time soon due to the way New Genesis seems to coexist with the present game.

They also cleverly avoided the issue on collaboration and Voice permits with this move since it is basically the same game so all collab things are still valid. Mad lads SEGA pulling off one of the biggest expansion without leaving behind the old game at precisely the exact same client lol.

NGS the game will work as a separate block, you can essentially think of it like PVP/Battle Arena and Challenge Quest. All NGS-specific fashions are essentially better: they seem better, have more customizations available, and you are able to move your fingers together. Seems like Sega can not retroactively change PSO2 fashions into NGS fashions, your personality is essentially either going to be PSO2 or NGS model based on what outfit/wear/part they have on. It's from this that some incompatibilities may employ.

Well, I am assuming for anything that doesn't instantly port out, the question comes down to whether that mechanic has any reason to exist. I am assuming that the gathering system (or the one we have) is not likely to maintain NGS, at least on release. Probably same with the crafting system. So there will not really be sufficient things to use a material storage for.

Body paint has the same limit as other clothing: if you are using a PSO2 body, then it's still possible to use PSO2 body paint. If you are using an NGS physique, it is possible to only use NGS body paint. As soon as you equip an NGS outfit/basewear/innerwear thing, you can't use any PSO2 clothes"mixed and matched" with all the NGS stuff. You have to devote to 1 game's style for pso2 sales clothing/body paint.
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