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The fact is dentures simply don’t offer Colorado
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For years , centuries even, the technology used to replace a mouth full of failing andor missing teeth was a set of removable artificial teeth. These teeth or dentures were bulky, rested on the gums and relied on their mass and the support of the soft tissue-covered jawbone ridge to remain in the mouth. The result was a technology that enabled patients to eat and speak to a degree, but that came hand-in-hand with a slew of challenges. In this article, Colorado Springs dentists will be explaining to us just why traditional removable dentures should be a technology of the past and why patients who need new teeth should be opting for dental implants.

Denture Downfalls

“One of the biggest problems with dentures is that they rest on the gums, which means that every time you bite down on food Cheap Air Max 270 , that pressure gets transferred directly to the gums,” explain Colorado Springs dentist. “This might not initially feel too uncomfortable, but after months of the same abuse, the gums can become painful and inflamed. Nasty sores can develop as well and patients find themselves changing their diet to provide relief to their gums.”

The gums are not built to sustain such pressures, which is why dentures tend to cause Colorado Springs residents so much discomfort. But this isn’t where denture problems begin and end. Colorado Springs dentists have received the following common complaints from patient who have had teeth replaced with this archaic method:

1. Dentures slip around and can fall out,
2. Dentures can have a devastating impact upon self-esteem and social confidence Cheap Air Max 95 ,
3. They don’t look or feel natural,
4. Patients with dentures struggle to manage a wide variety of foods,
5. Dentures do not maintain a healthy jawbone
6. Dentures are a hassle to clean and maintain. They need to be taken out after every meal and at nighttime for careful cleaning.
7. They require repeat expenses, such as overnight soaking solutions, anesthetic gels, storage containers and adhesive strips Cheap Air Max 97 ,
8. Dentures can harbor food and bacteria, leading to “denture halitosis”,
9. Dentures require frequent refitting, so Colorado Springs residents are constantly spending money on their replacement teeth.

All of these challenges aside, what comes as the biggest shock is the fact that wearing dentures can shorten Colorado Springs residents’ life expectancy by a staggering 10 years!

“Over time, bite functionality deteriorates as jaw bone volume is lost to atrophy Cheap Air Max 90 ,” explain Colorado Springs dentists. “Consequently, patients are able to manage less and less food at mealtimes. What used to be a pleasure is now a battle with uncomfortable, loose teeth and extremely tender gums. The result of all this is malnourishment. Eventually, a patient’s jawbone can deteriorate to the point where they can only bite down with 6% of the force of a natural, healthy bite. A lack of proper nutrition can shorten life expectancy quite considerably.”

What’s the Alternative?

The fact is dentures simply don’t offer Colorado Springs residents the functionality, aesthetics and comfort that the modern alternative Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes , dental implants, do. And yet, patients still choose dentures as their teeth replacement solution, allowing a concern for cost to take center stage in the decision making process. Dental implants are a far more sophisticated, comfortable, functional Cheap Air Max Shoes , aesthetic and long-lasting solution to rampant tooth loss and edentulism (not having any natural teeth). They’re also more cost effective in the long run, so speak to your Colorado Springs dentist about your teeth replacement options and ditch the dentures!
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